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Curly horse breed Information

The curly horse- name itself says the total definition of this breed. It has tight and curly hairs.  The curly coat of this breed is hypoallergenic which is well known to everybody so people can ride them even children are also safe to ride them. It comes in any size and color so for perfect identification of North American Curly Horse we can examine the tight curly hairs present inside its ears

American Bashkir Curly Horse Facts

American Bashkir Curly can be trained easily because of its calmness,  sharpness, attentive and active nature. Because of its hair examination, we can identify the actual curly breed so in a case of that hairs are also present on tail,  ankles, Mane and inside the ears.

Scientific Name      American Bashkir Curly, North American Curly Horse, and American Curly Horse
Country of origin North America
Height  15.0 Hands
Weight 1,000 lbs
 Colors  creme Ello ,Chestnut,




It is also called as a Bashkir horse, North American horse, American Bashkir Curly horse.  The temperament of the curly horse is calm, quiet,  intelligent and friendly etc.  It has powerful hooves and good strong strides.

The density of curls vary in different members of curly horse breed, some horses Of this breed don’t have curls and some horses have thick and tight curls on their entire body.  The curly horse breed is tough and attractive in physic. They have strong and straight leg bones, wide chest, curly manes on either side of the neck.

American Curly Horse

The most common and demanding color is chestnut. This horse breed comes in Black,  Grey, Standard bay.  The height of this breed ranges between 14 to 16 hands and weight is around 800 to 1000 lbs. This breed is multi-skilled and can be trained for different shows and perform activities very well.   This curly horse is warm blooded but nature wise very calm and cool

Bashkir Curly horse temperament

Head of curly horse breed is medium in size with well-defined jaws.  First curly horse recorded in recorded in 2nd century in Asian artwork, another history suggests thus bread was taken to Nevada from India by Tom Dixon, In the 19th century.  One history part suggests that these breeds were owned by Sioux Indians in the early part of the 1800s One more history part implies that the breed has Iberian ancestry.Thus this breed doesn’t have particular history suggesting their origin.

Bashkir curly facts


The body coat of this breed is very dense so that it collects mud and other debris easily, so routine grooming is necessary to keep their coat clean and healthy. In summer,   some horses with curls On entire body shed their hairs and don’t look beautiful The price for buying this Species $1000 and above.

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