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The Dolphin Quest animal management model may be a holistic approach starting with happy and healthy mothers before gestation.

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Our marine craniate specialist team assists with the shut observation of the dolphins throughout gestation, birth and post-natal care. this is often accomplished through cooperative behavior, ultrasound observation, and veterinary consultations. Our approach to proactively handling our calves for preventative health care, referred to as Project Newborn, ensures that we have a tendency to still be leaders in calf survivability.

Dolphin Babies

Here is a defined outline of the flourishing breeding program at Dolphin Quest:

Ovarian ultrasounds are completed on a daily basis on our feminine dolphins, that assists in following fertility cycles.

Once the feminine dolphin is understood to be pregnant, the fetus is monitored through regular ultrasounds with comparisons to established normative information and therefore the mother is monitored for behavior, health, development and caloric intake.

Dolphins are generally pregnant for roughly twelve months.

As the date approaches, the marine craniate specialist team prepares for the birth with 24-hour observations and elaborated records of the feminine dolphin.

Baby dolphins are generally born tail flukes 1st and are referred to as calves.

They are close to 111-116.3 cm (43.7-45.7 in) long at birth.

The calf can nurse, drinking milk from the mother’s exocrine gland glands, that is situated on the side of the dolphin’s body close to the venereal slit. The calf wraps its tongue into a straw-like position to exclude ocean water and maximizes milk intake with efficiency.

The marine craniate specialist team continues to observe the calf for respirations, nursing, and growth for concerning period post birthing. This info provides a knowledge set of norms to assist manage flourishing future births.

A dolphin calf can pay abundant of its 1st few weeks with its mother, learning a way to navigate their world.

Due to a robust teacher/learner relationship with the marine craniate specialist, the mother dolphin quickly transitions back to coaching sessions seeking the enriching interactions whereas keeping an in depth eye on her calf.

The calf becomes curious about its atmosphere and begins to solicit attention from the marine craniate specialists, WHO are flourishing at rearing neonates and developing them into flourishing adults.

The calf builds a major relationship with the marine craniate specialists as they learn to eat fish, play with toys and act with our guests.

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