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The base of the Australian Stock Horse was escort the earliest import of the 9 horses within the Australia. the primary fleet of Australian Stock Horse arrived in biology Bay in January 1788.

Some horse breed was foreign into the Australia including thoroughbred, Cape of excellent Hope Horse, Arabian, Timor pony, Welsh mountain pony. The Australian stock horse was bred for his or her endurance and energy with sick animal culled to create them robust horses.

Additionally, within the middle twentieth century, The Thorough bred was foreign in Australia to boost native dearth infusion with yank riding horse. The Australian stock horse and Waler horse Bred with an identical method.

The station horse was associate degree ascendent of Australian horse and Waler horse. it’s utilized in Australian army within the initial warfare and it’s common for his or her toughness and stamina.

The Australian stock horse and therefore the Waler horse ar totally different from one another however, the distinction is minor.

An Australian horse is understood for his or her strong, smartness, endurance, energetic, and bravado. These horses ar calm, lively, quickly moving with positive foot walk, and responsive.



Country of Origin Australia
Height about 66 inches
Weight About 544 Kg.
body type expressive head
wide forehead
long neck arched with well-set head
Big eyes
Well formed withers
well-muscled body
Strong hindquarters
well formed and hardy hooves
dense chest,
well-sprung ribs,
powerful & wide back
 uses a jumping show
hardiness racing
stockman challenges
pony club activities



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