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Archaeopteryx facts information & HD Phtos

Archaeopteryx,  known as “Urvogel”[German Name]  which means it was a first bird variety in late Jurassic Period. Paleontologist have myth about it, this was  a true Dinosaur or a Bird. So Paleontologists have tried to search about the nature, life style, appearance, diet and behaviour of this group from its fossils.

This group had feathers, a beak like birds and a wishbone other than this they also had a long bony tail, three claws joined to their wings which shows the characters of reptiles which is not seen in Modern Birds till days.

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 History :How did the Archaeopteryx Become extinct

The first fossil was discovered in 1860 in Germany with respect to that Paleontologist  started to find out the total detail of Archaeopteryx. Then Paleontologist came onto conclusion that Present Modern Birds are more closer to small feathered theropods of Late Cretaceous Period than  of the Jurassic Archaeopteryx. 

The Solnhofen Beds in Germany renowned for their detailed fossil of about 150 million years ago.

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Body Features and Characteristics

Though it had a features of non avian dinosaurs and modern bird. Urvogel had a 500 millimeter tail with respect to body. Fossils suggested that it had small legs for moving and feathers for flying in some extend. Archaeopteryx had a long neck with flexible nature.

It had a sharp bill, feathers and teeth to capture their prey.

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Scientific Name Archaeopteryx


1 kg approximately



1 to 1.5 feet

20 inches from head to tail

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptilia

archaeopteryx wallpicsHeight, Weight and Length

The height of Archaeopteryx was about 1 to 1.5 feet and weight was about 1 kg. The length from head  to tail was around 20 inches, all these shows that they were small sized breed in late Cretaceous Period.

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Diet and Habitat

They are Carnivores so feeding the small reptiles, amphibians and small mammals. It had strong teeth to catch and feed their meal. They were situated on Lagoon Area which was a Shallow, Elongated body of water separated from larger water body area so looked like a island.


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Eggs and Reproduction

“Kibble” is the term used for the Archaeopteryx Eggs. After mating of two archaeopteryx they matured the Eggs for Hatching Process. This Kibble is favourite food of Diplocaulus.

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