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Breeding History of Arabian horse

The Arabian horses meet in the Desert sands. Some Experts are saying about Arabian horse that they are mainly originated in the Arabian Peninsula. Their ancestry history is well known in Arab region about 3000 Before Christ year. Their ancestral history is very clear and accurate.


The Arabian people are using Arabian horses for to carry weight, mount wars, hardiness racing. They easily adopt desert climate, and it is reason for their hardiness. It is an oldest breed of horse in Arabia as well as popular.


Characteristics of Arabian horse

They have round shape face, smart eyes, and attractive ached neck. The attractive arched neck is mark for their Origination i.e. Arab.


They have high carriage Tail, and floating gaits. They are sensitive in nature, and easy capturer/learner.


They have mild and intensive body i.e. known for energies and speed. They hold a short back side, potent hindquarters, and their shoulders are slopping.



They are 62 inches heighted. They have weight approximately 454 Kg. The Arabian horse are in Gray, Roan with facial marks and socks on legs.




Uses of Arabian horse

Arabian horse is known for sport horse. They are using for long distanced racing competition. They can travel long distance journey in very heated climate. They are eligible for comparison with thoroughbred. They are also using in circuses for Jumps.


Overview of Arabian Horse

Height Average  62 inches
Weight average 454 Kg.
colour Gray
Uses sport horse
hardiness racing
thoroughbred competition
ring show / circus
jumping show




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