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Meaning Of Anime

Anime is a Japanese term for hand drawn in computer animation. Generally, talk about this word is the abbreviated pronunciation of Japanese and where this terms all reference animation.

Uses Of Anime

  • Style often characterized by colorful graphics
  • Vibrant characters
  • Fantastical themes

Common symbolism in Anime

  • Box Lunches
  • Cherry blossoms
  • Gears
  • Mirrors
  • Paper Cranes
  • A red Ribbon
  • Ripples
  • Umbrella
  • White clothing
  • Wind

Tecquniks of Anime

  • Speed Lines
  • Abstract Background patterns
  • Sparking a Rivalry
  • Popping Vein
  • Sweat Drop
  • Cat Mouth
  • Nose Bubble
  • Ghost Balloon
  • The Nose Bleed
  • Deformations

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