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Andalusian Horses Images And Facts

Hi Guys! Here in this post we are going to provide best information about Andalusian horse with its colors, facts, pictures and information. The Andalusian Horses are the pure Spanish breed. Its commonly used by the government authorities and kings and they are using these horses for the purpose of riding and owned all across the Europe.

The Spanish Horse belongs to the 15th century and to the peninsula about thousands of years ago from its ancestors lived.


These Andalusian horses are known for their strong and brave nature in wars and of course nobility, they are died by the some reasons like special appearance in war and also due to diseases. 

Origin Spain
Height 156 cm
Weight 512 kg
Diet grass and grain
Temperament Warm blooded Active, smart, powerful and potent
Color mainly grey in color followed by white and black

In the early 20th century the Members of Spanish restricted the export of Andalusian Horse, but in the 2010 it’s less from them total number because it spreads out to all over the world.white andalusian horse pictures


There are more than 190000 horses are registered as Spanish horses. These horse breeds are usually strong built and long tail useful qualities are their own. pictures of andalusian horse

These species  are mainly in gray in color. They also owned other different colors. They are also known for their intelligence, sensitivity, activeness and discipline.pictures of andalusian horse


Some are considered these Spanish breed horses are supposing as Andalusian Horse Breed but it has no genetic proof of it. pictures of andalusian horse


Many Registries are  suggesting a record of horses to designate as Andalusian and PRE for example Pura Raza Espanola but there are horses are unique as per their genetic variation which is depending on their pure form from different other breeds.andalusian horse pictures


Spanish horse is closely related with lustino to Portugal. This horse breed used to develop many another breed of horses in Europe. E Specialy In Western Europe This Horse Breed Used For To Develop The Other Horses Breed Such AS Aztecoandalusian horse pictures


These Andalusian breed horses are used for classical dressage, riding, or as a Bull fighting. Many Other Ways These Horses Are Useful Like Dressage Show Jumping pictures of andalusian horse



Driving Movies Bio Picture Historical Based Movies And Epic Most Of The Andalusian Horses Are Holds Height About 5Feet 1.5 Inches & weight about 512 Kg. The Spanish Government Set Minimum Height And Weight For Registration For Mare And male Horsesandalusian horse pictures


The  horse that is holding a minimum height about 60inches is the unique value  for registration. The male horse that is holding a minimum height 60 inches is eligible value for registration.andalusian horse colors


Spanish Horses are incredible quality with build solidity. This breed has a great hold medium length and straight look. The extensive look discouraged the breed’s profile. These horses have a long and broad neck.pictures of andalusian horse


These breed horses are to strong with well defined features, broad chest portion and short back region. They are having the great learning quality with responsive and cooperative nature.





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