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Anaconda Snake

The world’s largest snake is the green anaconda (Eunectes murinus). This massive snake can be found throughout the northern part of South America. An adult green anaconda can reach lengths of 25 feet (7.6 meters) and can weigh more than 200 pounds (91 kg).

When most people talk about “the anaconda,” they are usually referring to the green anaconda, the world’s largest snake. But there are actually two anaconda species in South America. The lesser-known yellow anaconda (Eunectes notaeus) does not get nearly as large as its green cousin. On average, a full-grown yellow anaconda will be 10 – 12 feet long.

Another interesting fact about the green anaconda is that it spends much of its life in or near water. There are several reasons for this. First, there is the size factor. If you were as large as the world’s largest snake, you would probably spend a lot of time in water too. Swimming in water is much easier than crawling on land, as far as gravity is concerned. The anaconda also preys on animals that can be found in or near the water. It will readily eat fish, caiman and other animals that dwell in the water. And it will also ambush animals that come in for a drink, such as deer and tapir.

These are the semi aquatic genus found in South America. They are the largest snake among all the varieties  of this species and they are famous for swimming and catching the Prey in  very Fast and strong manner though the opponent is very strong such as elephant, tiger and human get weaker in comparison muscle potentiality of the Anaconda Snakes.


The name Anaconda came from the Srian Lankan language, Sinhalese  which referred this group as reticulated Python where Python and Anaconda both varieties are known as two largest and strongest snakes in world.

In the early 20th century the myth of giant Anaconda gets arise that snakes of this species were reaching the length of 40 to 100 feet height (12 to 30 Meters), In Tamil (Indian History ) states the Anaconda is called as Anaikolra which means The Elephant Killer. In Spanish history States it as Matatoro which means Bull Killer.

Origin Sinhalese (Srian Lankan)
Length 17 feet and above
Weight 550 pounds
Colors Green, Yellow, Dark Spotted and Beni or Bolivian
Diet Small fishes, lizards, sometimes Jaguar andMan Eaters


During the mating season, several males will often compete for the same female. They will tangle up into a “breeding ball,” sometimes staying like that for weeks. A female may give birth to 50 or more baby snakes.

Characteristics and Diet

They are thicker than other Boas and stocky and muscular in nature. They Have thick neck and large broad head. They have thick black stripe from eyes to jaw as a special feature. They have smooth and small scales from anterior to posterior view with loose and soft skin to handle water absorption easily. Their green, yellow and brown  colored patches on anterior part allow them to match in tropical river and rain forest region. 

They are eating variety of animals such as small fishes, lizard, fishes and adult Anaconda can eat a Jaguar at the same time and sometimes female breed can swallow a whole human at a time. Due to the lack of sternum and highly flexible mandible and joints of their jaw make them to enlarge their mouth as per the prey size. The powerful muscles makes them to handle the prey in swallowing process. The mane body part is having soft and flexible muscles so they can adjust  their meal inside the Digestive Cavity.

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