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american green tree frog pics


The American Green Tree Frogs are common frogs of North America. This on is also known as common species of New World Tree Frog and belong to the genus “Hyla”. 

This is an excellent variety for the the pet loving people due to its good looking color with great contrast of green color with its habitat. It is quite soft in touch inside the water but in the maturity it seems to be hardy in texture.


North America


3 to 6 cm



Hyla cinerea Diet

crickets,  flies and small insects

American green tree frog Color

dorsal surface is yellow green or olive green with ventral surface is white or cream in color

Scientific Name

Hyla cinerea


The green tree frogs are medium sized frog with long legs and large toe pads. The length of the Green Tree Frogs is about 3 to 6 cm. Te female frogs are slightly larger than the males.

As the name suggests, the green tree frogs have yellow green or olive green colored dorsal surface. The ventral surface is white or cream in color. They have the white or cream colored stripe on both side running from upper lips to the back limbs. The shade of the green color changes from light to dark for Thermoregulation during summer and winter respectively.


american green tree frog pic



American Green Tree Frogs are insectivores mainly consuming small insects such as cricket and flies. The selection of diet of the Green Frog is depended upon active participation of the prey, the most active preys are the first selection of this species.

Green Tree Frogs are more like to feed in spring and summer season rather than in winter. Their eating pattern is depended upon the body shape if they are increasing in size their body suggest to cut off some meal. Such criteria makes them less obese.

american green tree frog pictures


The American Green Tree Frogs prefer mostly in plentiful of water habitat. This condition suits mainly on North America due to the collection of plenty of water such as ponds, large lakes, marshes and streams etc.

The area covered with water dense population in North America such as Central Texas, Maryland and Delaware. Though its usually comes under pet variety about 10 gallon of filled water tank is required  for making of the home habitat.


american green tree frog pic 2019CARE AS PET

The Green Tree American Frogs are arboreal so keep in mind that the height of the cage rather than the floor. This Pet Cage should be secure with the escaping. 

we can add up some materials such as smooth gravel, soil with peat. Keep in mind while feeding the frogs can ingest something like  carpet or anything should be managed  that why  the covering is maintained by the Cork Bark.


american green tree frog images



American Green Tree Frogs are small sized and do not bear any physical features to attack the predator or to defend themselves. These small frogs are easily frightened yet some of them can show good handling in captivity.

American Green Tree Frogs are nocturnal, they are active during the night. In captivity, when light is off then after  American Green Tree Frogs enjoy in the enough dark surroundings.


american green tree frog image



The breeding of the American Green Tree Frogs is greatly dependent on temperature, day length and rainfall. The mating mostly start after rainfall. When the temperature rises and the day length increases, the calls for mating also increase.

The Male American Green Tree Frog is polygamous and tend to mate as many female frogs as possible. The Male American Green Tree Frogs make calls to attract the female American Green Tree Frogs.The calls are mostly made in March to September that is the mating season.The calls are different than the other calls made for other communication. The Male American Green Tree Frogs make the calls shorter and louder to differ it from the calls of Cuban Tree Frogs.When the Female Frog attracted towards the Male, the male tightly hold onto the female frog and the cloacal openings are brought closer for fertilization.

The Female American Green Tree Frogs usually breed once a year, some of them also show multiple clutches. The size of the eggs depend on the size of the female frogs. In multiple clutches, the number of eggs tend to decrease after first clutch. The Female American Green Tree Frogs lay about 400 eggs in a clutch. The eggs hatch for 4 to 14 days. The Newly Born Baby frogs are independent after the hatching.



american green tree frog image 2018

american green tree frog new

american green tree frog bABY

american green tree frog AGE

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