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 Akhal Teke Introduction and Origin

The Akhal Teke horse breed is originally from Turkmenistan and is a national emblem of Turkmenistan. This breed is Featured on bank notes and stamps of Turkmenistan. Akhal Teke Horses are well famous for the great stamina, athleticism, hardiness, stunning look and speed in racing.

The unique feature by which one can recognize the Horse as Akhal Teke Horse is its metallic shiny coat that why its called as Golden Horse. Like Arabian Horses, these Desert Horses are one of the oldest breed of Horses.


AKHAL Teke Horse History

Why named Akhal Teke?

The horses were originated from Akhal plains present on northern  side of mountain range between Turkmenistan and Iran and  Teke was the tribe in Turkmenistan who firstly used this breed so this breed got the name “Akhal  Teke”.



This is one of the oldest breeds of horses so the exact ancestor are  not  known. The Nisean horse, Nokhorli,  Yomud  were  the name  of horses suggested as their ancestors.

The tribes of Turkmenistan used this group of horses for raiding and earning.They breed this stallion very selectively as their need of horses with good speed and endurance for desert journey. After war,

Turkmenistan merged with Russia and this breed introduced to Soviet Union.  Many horses were killed for food in Soviet Union and at one that time this horse breed was suffered a lot and threatened. This golden horses were crossbred with Thorough horse breed in effort to get faster horse breed, but resulting breed was not fast as Akhal Teke Horse and declared as not purebred.

 After independence, Turkmenistan started an agency to breed, maintain and to train the Akhal Teke horses.



Akhal teke (Golden)  Horse Body Features

 The Golden Horse has straight profile with medium head, long ears, almond  shape eyes, long back and long straight legs. Mane is short and silky, tail has glossy hairs and  is low setting. Skin of these variety is very thin and sensitive. The harsh lands of Turkmenistan has made these Desert Horses so tough and hard that they can survive with a small amount of food and water.


Topic  Detail
1. Origin Country Turkmenistan
2. External Appearance  Natural Metalic shine, Small and Pretty Face, Almond shaped Big Eyes, Gradient Shoulders, Prominent Withers, Narrow Chest, Long Ears, Long ears,

3. Breeders

in Russia, Central Assia, Germany, Europe, USA, Uruguay, Australia
4. Genetic Diseases
Naked Foal Syndrome,  Hereditary cryptorchidism,  Wobbler Syndrome

5. Uses

General Riding, Jumping show, Eventing, Racing, Dressage, Endurance Riding


About 4.9 Ft./64 inches.


450 Kg.


Black,  Smokey Cream, Bay, Golden,  Perlino, Chestnut, Palomino,  Grey etc.
9. Monuments   In International Equestrian Sport  Complex at Ashgabat( Turkmenistan)

10. Akhal Teke Price


Akhal Teke(Desert Horse) Height, Weight and Colors Info

The height of  these species range between 14 to 16 hands and weight is about 1000 pounds. Most famous color of this Stallion is Golden Buckskin and palomino color, some other colors are chest nut, bay, black and grey. Small and silky hairs overall (coat) give same metallic lustrous look to horses of all colors.


 Akhal Teke ( Temperament and Uses)

These kind of horses are multi skilled and very tough and have great endurance. This group is hot blooded so very sensitive in nature. These category horses can be ridden only by  trained riders. Tribes of Turkmenistan had firstly used Akhal Teke Horses for riding, carrying weights and in war against Russia.


 This Sport Horse Breed is mostly used in dressage, show jumping, endurance riding, racing and show events. One may find these Golden Horses in Olympic Sport Events.


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