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Mustang Horse HD Wallpapers


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The Mustang Horses were found in United States and this stallion was descended  to America from Spanish. By the American Bureau of Land Management, is the organization in charge of managing the Wild Population which is controversial and among those species most of are never adopted. They are known for their wild variety, great intelligence and strong deposition.

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Characteristics and Size conformation

This Stallions are medium in size and have well shaped head with wide shaped eyes. Most of them are having brown shaded eyes although have bald face marking. Few of them belong to Spanish are having grey and green colored eyes with almond or slanted shape. They have Strong and Sturdy legs and hooves among them some of variety have feathering or hair growth on their back legs.

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The hooves of this group is rounded with thick walled and hair development on back usually spreads in winter. The live birth of this stallion babies are called  “Foals”.


Diet and Habitat

The Mustang Horse feeding is misconception that they only eat Oats or Hay. They are omnivores variety breed so they are feeding by meat and plants. These horses take  little food to maintain their body structure. They have ready to eat type of meal variety and they eat about 5 to 7 pounds of meal every day.

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Mustang horses live in grassland of United States and they allowed 35 million acres of are for run and around .  About 2,75,000 Mustang Horses were removed from private land by government since 1972. These Horses are seen in Western States of Montana,  Utah, California, Arizona ,Nevada and New Mexico. Mustang horses live on Atlantic coast and Island Shackleford, Sable, Assateague and Cumberland Island.

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Mustang Horse Colors

The Mustang Horses come in most of the colors.The colors of these horses vary to chestnut, grey, black, bay, brown and palamino. Cremello, buckskin, dun or roans.

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Mustang Horse Height,  Weight and Temperament

Mustang Horses are about  15 hands (60 inches) in height.Mustang horses weigh about 750 pounds , this weight is 250 pounds lesser than the normal weight of horses. The temperament is cold blooded and thick back structure which can hold and run but these groups are not applicable for show events.They are useful only in the pulling and holding purposes.

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Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Perissodactyla
Family Equidea
Genus Equus
Species Caballus

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Conservation And Endangered

They are not on the list of endangered animals because 100 years back there were 1 million  breeds and now a days 25,000 Wild Mustang Horses are present according to Humane Society. They have long lifespan about 40 years high life spending.


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